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  • 01:12 Shattering Shadow

    Shattering Shadow

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    The horrors of war cast young fisherman Adisu adrift in vast Ethiopia. Forty years later, he is a taxi driver in a Northern European city, dreaming every night of his lost love. Surprising debut is dreamlike yet authentic, with no hint of false sentimenta

  • 00:31 Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show

    Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show

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    Hold your horses, the Lalaloopsy girls are welcoming some new friends to Lalaloopsy Land: a group of talking ponies! The ponies are eager to put on a show, but there's a hitch-- their caravan and carousel need rebuilding. With teamwork, know-how, and lots

  • 02:10 Darkroom


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    Several interior spaces are illuminated and sculpted through light projections and sonic accumulations. Isolated details emerge from a sea of darkness.

  • 02:24 Recommended by Enrique

    Recommended by Enrique

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    An aspiring Hollywood actress working on her first feature--a no-budget horror flick oddly crewed by enthusiastic teenagers--and a cowboy on a mysterious job arrive in the small border town of Del Rio, Texas, each with their own very clear agenda. When th

  • 02:21 Karol, który został świętym

    Karol, który został świętym

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    A children's movie about John Paul Pope the second. It combines animations, archived material and amature film. It tells the story about his childhood.

  • 02:24 Temporary File

    Temporary File

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    An FBI agent is assigned to a special case and discovers his true enemies are all around him.

  • 50:38 Calomnies


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  • 01:55 Scherzi: il film

    Scherzi: il film

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    Following the deaths of the actors of a film, terrible events occur when the production company decide to release the film and earn lots of money.

  • 01:18 Fool Japan: The ABCs of Tetsudon

    Fool Japan: The ABCs of Tetsudon

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    Action - 'Testudon', one of the most famous foolish film festivals, made a foolish anthology film about 'Japan' with 26 directors. Naturally, the directors are also foolish enough, so that you might wonder if it is really about Japan or get headache at th

  • 02:09 La ferme des humains

    La ferme des humains

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  • 01:33 @Andheri


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    Rajan Pillai (Atul Kulkarni) is an underworld gangster living in Mumbai. Sub Inspector Sreedharan Menon (Sreenivasan) is a police officer. Sreedharan is very concerned about the family of a colleague who has been murdered while on duty. He shares a strong

  • 02:06 Proud Citizen

    Proud Citizen

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    After winning second place in a play writing contest, Bulgarian Krasimira Stanimirova travels to the rolling hills of Kentucky for the premiere of her dark, Communist-era autobiographical play 'Black Coat.