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  • 00:47 Loving


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    Richard and Mildred Supportive, an interracial few, are sentenced to prison in Virginia in 1958 in order to get married.

  • 02:28 Elvis & Nixon

    Elvis & Nixon

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    n a December early morning in 1970, the King of Stone shown to the lawn with the White-colored Household to request a convention most considerable in efficient gentleman to the world, President Nixon. Starring Academy Award® nominee Michael Shannon as Elv

  • 01:25 Borbaad


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    Bollywood 2014

  • 02:18 Seven Weeks

    Seven Weeks

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    Relatives gather from afar in wintery Ashibetsu upon the death of patriarch Mitsuo (Shinagawa Toru). A mysterious woman named Nobuko (Tokiwa Takako) suddenly shows up. Her appearance gradually exposes wartime secrets and Mitsuo’s unknown past. Building on

  • 02:32 Hirngespinster


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    Simon falls head over heels in love with pretty and quick-witted Verena. When his father, who suffers from schizophrenia, has a relapse, Simon devotes himself completely to his mother and little sister and endangers his budding romance. Maneuvering himsel

  • 01:42 I'm Not Lorena

    I'm Not Lorena

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    A case of mistaken identity becomes a living nightmare when a young actress finds herself relentlessly assailed by debt collectors, in this Kafkaesque fable for the information age.

  • 02:31 Mardan


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    A police officer finds himself haunted by a traumatic childhood memory as he searches for a missing man in the rugged mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, in this striking feature debut by Batin Ghobadi.

  • 00:52 My Little Nightmare: The Movie

    My Little Nightmare: The Movie

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    New student Kanji transfers to 6th grade 2 class, where Ayami Mutoi works as the homeroom teacher. Students begin to talk among themselves that they have seen new transfer student Kanji in a dream. Yuiko Koto also had a night mare. In her nightmare, a boy

  • 01:47 Faust 2.0

    Faust 2.0

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    Softwares and apps are daily installed based on agreements we scroll past and accept. But what exactly do we accept? In Faust 2.0 we meet five individuals who unknowingly enters into a pact with unknown forces and whose lives are brought to a brutal turn

  • 02:14 High Performance

    High Performance

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    Rudi wears a suit, Daniel rides a bike. But despite all the differences between the two brothers, they become interested in the same woman. For different reasons, however - as Nora soon discovers...A comedy with depths, about loyalty, family ties and mani

  • 01:57 Coconut The Little Dragon

    Coconut The Little Dragon

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    Coconut and his friend Oscar are outsiders on Dragon Island. Coconut is supposed to be a flying dragon but he can't fly and Oscar, a carnivore by nature, is a vegetarian bychoice. Together with the porcupine Matilda they go on fabulous adventures and meet

  • 01:22 Todos tus secretos

    Todos tus secretos

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    Susana has gathered all her friends to celebrate a very special evening: it's Toni's birthday, and for the first time he's away in Germany, but the distance is not going to stop them from celebrating together. No one suspects that after the party their li